We believe driving value and unique experiences is what sets Cyber Canni apart.

Voting: Have a voice in voting on the breeding process of which strains to combine to create a one-of-a-kind strain. The votes are minted on-chain and will be permanently imprinted on the blockchain.

A - Strains: Have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to choose two strains and combine them to make a unique new strain created by our community.

B - Naming: Have the unique ability to have a say in the naming of the strains that are created by the community.

C - Artistry: Have the unique ability to have a say in the art for the seed packets of the strains that are created by the community.

Genetics: Our cannabis expert will create a new strain influenced by community input. Feminized cannabis seeds are seeds that are genetically modified to produce only female plants.

A - Seed Creation: Have the opportunity to potentially get seeds mailed to them to experience firsthand the growth of these beautiful plants.Contingent on the volume of open editions created during the course of the project, we may allow users to burn a set number of NFTs to obtain seeds from the strains that the community votes on. This will also be contingent on shipping laws in your state or country. This is an experiment by nature and nothing about Cyber Canni should be viewed as a financial instrument or investment. We will not start genetic breeding and “burn to obtain seeds” until the time has been activated within the contract and the mint has closed.

B - Viewing: Access to virtual cameras to monitor the process of the cannabis cultivation every step of the way.

C - Immutable History: Not only are these seeds unique to only Cyber Canni holders but there will be a chain of custody enablement to every package! Scan a QR code or NFC chip to obtain the immutable information.

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