We are busy building, but here's a list of questions and answers, hope this helps.

1. What is Cyber Canni?

Cyber Canni is an experiment in which the outcome will decide the direction. An innovative experience combining the world of cannabis genetics and the blockchain.

2. Why NFTs?

Only NFTs harness the decentralization and infrastructure to document the process with permanence and provenance. Cyber Canni is creating the first-of-its-kind experience that will track YOUR votes permanently through our voting process and mint it to the blockchain. YOU will forever be tied to this experience and an innovative new strain of cannabis.

3. What will the supply of the Cyber Canni’s gen 1 drop “Cyber Coin” be?

The Cyber Canni Genesis drop will contain a minimum of 5000 pieces. Once token 5000 is minted, a timer built into the contract will activate and users will only be given 48 hours to continue to mint until the experiment closes.

4. When does the burn start?

The burn will take place 1 week after the experiment has closed. This burn will allow you to obtain a Cyber Card.

5. When does voting/staking start, and what about seeds?

Once a user has burned their open edition Cyber Coin (set amount to be announced), a Cyber Card will be born (contingent on Phase 1 being completed). There will be 2 months before we begin the voting experience. In order for a user to participate in the voting experience, a user must stake their NFT up until the voting is closed (date to be announced). We see this as a small ask to be immutably connected to your new strain forever.

6. When will the seeds be harvested?

Working with our partnered growing facility, it will take up to 9 months for your plants to grow, germinate & enable our team to harvest your seeds, quality comes first. But don’t worry! The Cyber Canni team has implemented a camera system so you get to watch the plants grow every day!

7. What can I do with these seeds?

You own your seeds!

9. When is the Public Mint?


10. Can anyone participate in the Public Mint?

Yes. This is open to any and everyone looking to join our unique experience.

11. What is the Public Mint price?

Our mint price will be 0.006 ETH.

12. How do I mint as part of the Public Mint?

13. What is the max number of tokens that can be minted per transaction?

There is no limit to how much you can mint.

14. After I mint, are there benefits to holding outside of staking?

*This is not a financial instrument. This is an experiment. No future promises outside of what has been communicated in this document, please reference the phase map and disclaimer for all details related to our ecosystem.

15. Is there a max number of tokens per wallet?

Nope – in fact, if you’re a cannabis lover you may want to buy a lot.

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