Phase Map

A detailed breakdown of the Cyber Canni eco-system and the purpose of various assets.

Phase 1

Cyber Coins - Each ERC-721 token acts as your currency for entry into our genetic creation experiment. After the sale closes holders will use $Cyber Coins to burn for a Cyber Pass.

Phase 2

Cyber Pass - Once you burn for a Cyber Pass you now have the ability to enter the voting process. Each NFT is given the ability to vote ONCE. During the voting process, the holder can vote on the following.

  • Strain Creation

  • Strain Name

  • Seed Packaging

PFP - We are passionate about the power of PFPs to revolutionize the world of digital identity. We believe that PFPs are more than just a picture - they're a representation of who we are and what we stand for. As a part of our commitment to creating a deeper connection between our community while providing new opportunities for collaboration and growth. All holders of a Cyber Pass will claim their free PFP during phase 2, release date and details to be determined.

Phase 3

Seed Claim - Holders of a Cyber Pass will burn a card to claim a seed packet. Details to be announced.

Immutable Receipt - All holders who claim seeds will be airdropped with a record of individual provenance.

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